Looking into the Future…

Journalism  stories these days seems to be the same thing one after the other.  It starts with the main point that attracts people then starts to decline all the way to the end.  I have found it hard to come across an article that keeps me interested to that same point in the end as it did in the beginning.  Want I would really like to find is an article that has me more interested in the end then it had me in the beginning.  When I think of a piece of writing that has me more interested in the end then the beginning I think of a book.  After I get into a book, I can not wait to find out what happens in the end.  Journalism might have to start looking to go into a new direction and if they went in this direction, then I think they might get the attention of the audience a little better.

One way they can start looking for change is by following the 8 essential dimensions that are listed in Blur.  One of the 8 dimensions that I find to be important is the Investigator role.  Investigating, or being a watchdog, is a important role because sometimes it is the only way to find the actual truth of what is going on.  By finding out the real secrets we have better supported the journalism of verification and can stay away of the affirmation part, or preaching to a particular audience that wants to hear certain things.  I feel that if journalists do the right investigating then they can give stories that better catch people.

Another dimension that I find to be important is the role of the Sense Maker.  I have found this to be a big part when I read certain articles.  Sometimes when I read an article, i get all the way through it and I catch myself saying, “what did I just read?”  Some articles are directed to a certain audience, but when someone outside that audience wants to read it, they might not get the gist because it does not make sense to them.  As a sense maker, they can make some closing statements or put in other key elements to make it processable to everyone.  In Blur they make a great statement saying, “they must look for information that is of value, not just new, and present it in a way so we make sense of it ourselves.” If journalists can do that, then i think they will be on their way to making strides for the future.

  I think this is a funny visual of an investigator…with his magnifying glass and his notes behind him, i could just imagine him digging into a story to get the real facts.



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